Do you have questions about any of our Rochester, NY pressure washing services? Be sure to read through our FAQs below!

While power washing is great for hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, too much pressure can cause damage to more delicate surfaces. At Rolling Suds of Rochester-Henrietta, we understand that when it comes to surfaces like roofs and delicate stucco, a gentle touch is far more effective than a high-pressure blast. That's why we've mastered the art of soft washing – a magical solution to whisk away dirt and grime without the stress of damage. Whether we are utilizing our perfected power washing techniques or our highly-effective soft washing methods, our experts will utilize the precise amount of pressure and dillution of cleaning solutions to effectivley rejuvinate the surfaces around your Rochester, NY property.

Depending on the size of your home or deck, our professionals at Rolling Suds of Rochester-Henrietta clean homes and decks in 30 minutes or a few hours.

We usually suggest homeowners to let us connect to their water supply, as it is more economical. However, we can also supply our own water for a fee for both residential and commercial jobs. Our box trucks hold over 9,000 lbs of fluid and withhold the capability to reclaim water following a cleaning, allowing us to complete every job efficiently and easily, from massive commercial jobs to single residential homes in the Rochester, NY area.

At Rolling Suds of Rochester-Henrietta, our effective cleaning solutions are a mix of water, dish soap, and a small amount of diluted liquid chlorine. The liquid chlorine kills mold and bacteria, preventing these pesky organisms from returning for a longer time. This helps us to achieve a soft wash, which is safe for siding, windows, shingles, and your loved ones! Using the right ratio and dilution of chemicals, you can rest assured your plants, pets, and family members are safe and sound following a Rochester, NY pressure washing service.

It depends on the building, but surfaces usually stay clean for years. However, mold and mildew can grow faster in shaded areas with trees and shrubs.

Yes! At Rolling Suds of Rochester-Henrietta, we use low pressure and let the chemicals do most of the work when cleaning stained or painted siding. This will actually extend the life of your siding.

Yes, power washing is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association!

Absolutely! Our top-grade power washing equipment at Rolling Suds of Rochester-Henrietta, combined with our effective and environmentally-safe cleaning solutions helps to get rid of gum and graffiti.

At Rolling Suds of Rochester-Henrietta, our power wash method and our superior equipment allows us to reach up to 5 stories from the ground without any ladders or lifts and as high as needed with a lift.

Yes, we carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance and also provide Workers Compensation for our employees.

Power washing is cost-effective compared to the expenses of repainting or replacing damaged decks or siding. To get a customized quote , please provide us with detailed information about your Rochester, NY property, deck, or other cleaning needs.

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